courier service netherlands germany

//courier service netherlands germany

courier service netherlands germany

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Direct, without reloading on the shortest route to your customers. Whether parcels, pallets, lattice boxes or packages with special dimensions.

It does not matter if it’s a “trifle” or a “heavyweight” one: we specialize in picking up consignments in Europe in the shortest possible time and delivering them on the agreed date.

Around the clock and 7 days a week

Getting the right courier Utrecht for much needed freight at an economical price can often be exhausting. For example, you would like to send necessary trade objects to or from Hannover by courier service? Direct Express is the right address when it comes to important B2B shipping with courier service.
Special trips and courier trips are done solidly and promptly. This is the particular strength of this service compared to a simple transport of goods, which can take a lot of time. A large role in the courier service is played by different shipping solutions, individual transport and customer-oriented service.
This department handles everything that is directly related to promotions of all kinds; Special trips, complete solutions, letter and parcel shipping, removals, bulk waste disposal, storage u.v.m.

Direct Express is your perfect partner for efficient, economical transport logistics: we handle all courier services, express orders, small transports, document delivery, goods deliveries etc. for your company. That means we transport everything that needs to be delivered to its destination in the quickest possible way also very early in the morning, after work or at night. After all, you and your employees have more important things to do than hand over your work results to your customers or procure spare parts themselves.

Incidentally, this is also the reason why we do not limit our service to pure transport. For example, you can count on Direkt Express Paycan when packing deliveries or servicing technical equipment. Naturally, our drivers receive the best possible training for such special assignments and are also aware that they always represent an important business card for your company. We call this the all-in-one service. Our customers call this great.



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